Gorilla Experience

8881 wpm_lowresCheck out this amazing video. An American tourist, identified only as "John," was on a gorilla-watching tour in Uganda's Bwindi Inpenetrable National Park earlier this month, when an adult female and her babies wandered into the Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp where he was staying.
The gorillas appear to be grooming him, as a fellow tourist videotapes the encounter.
Park rangers say encounters such as this are rare.
It is a bit slow to load but worth the wait. You MUST view gorillas click here


Trip - Advisor ?

stockvault-palm-tree-at-the-beach105345I have used TripAdvisor on a few occasions but none of them recently. The site which built its reputation on honest and reliable assessments of the accommodation providers and restaurateurs around the world is beginning to unravel. They have received many false reviews some very good ( posted by interested parties ) and some very bad ( posted by people with a grudge against the establishment.) It is now believed by hoteliers and restaurateurs that many of its anonymous reviews are fake or defamatory. The effect of a bad review can be devastating which, if true, serves them right, if fake then it is a cause for real concern. It can ruin good, small businesses. TripAdvisor has also received heavy criticism for their lack of willingness to accept a change in the review when matters have been put right.

It is clear to me that this site is not reliable and I would not use it with any degree of certainty. A new site Feefo has promised to deliver "the kind of authenticity that TripAdvisor  is widely criticised for not delivering" I understand that they intend to validate reviews by having to have proof of purchase. I am sure that will help but it will not tackle the inherently dishonest customer who wishes to bring pressure on the business for a discount following rather spurious dissatisfaction with the service. Friends of ours who rent out a property for holiday lets tell me they have had an increase in the number of customers in this category. Whilst not threatened with a poor TripAdvisor review I am told the implication was clearly present. No site can tackle this and it will come down to the hotelier or restaurateur to take their own action for defamation. This might suit large businesses but most small ones could not cope with the costs. It is therefore likely that the unscrupulous customer might have some success in negotiating discounts.

In these early days Silverlinksnetwork members might be willing to exchange their experiences, particularly the good ones so that we can all benefit. As the site grows we will have to review this service but that moment is probably a while off yet.


Travel Insurance

stockvault-desert-road11631Silverlinksnetwork would very much like to hear from people that have had difficult in getting travel insurance and would like to share their experience, particularly if they managed to resolve it.

As you get older you are perceived to represent a greater risk when you are searching for travel insurance. My recent experiences are an illustration. I have a significant medical history from which I am now fully recovered and quite fit. I was looking for annual travel insurance at reasonable cost and with good security.


Parking Fines

There are lots of issues I could write about in this section and many of you will wish to add your own. Today I want to ask for comments on parking fines, something which most of us have received at some time. The usual occurrence involves us having parked somewhere we shouldn't, perhaps for a short time thinking we will get away with it. Sometimes we were over time on a paid meter and had forgotten. These straight forward matters end up with us paying, grudgingly, but without any real grounds for complaint.

Not so, however, for overstaying the two hour free period in a supermarket or motorway service station car park. .In these circumstances the punitive fine seems very unfair and

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