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stockvault-desert-road11631Silverlinksnetwork would very much like to hear from people that have had difficult in getting travel insurance and would like to share their experience, particularly if they managed to resolve it.

As you get older you are perceived to represent a greater risk when you are searching for travel insurance. My recent experiences are an illustration. I have a significant medical history from which I am now fully recovered and quite fit. I was looking for annual travel insurance at reasonable cost and with good security.

As a long-standing member of BUPA, and having received promotional material from them for travel insurance, I made contact, fully expecting them to take me on, perhaps at slightly increased cost bearing in mind my history. I was staggered to be told they would not cover me at any cost. John Lewis is always advertising their insurance services but I had the same outcome. However, SAGA, the specialist organisation for older people must be a sure bet I felt. They were not interested and flatly refused to consider insurance. This, of course, got me highly irritated and I contacted a broker who put me in touch with who were able to help at a very reasonable cost. Some other suggestions of companies that also help older people with a medical history are ; and I understand that is a useful source of reference for people with medical pre-conditions. 

Good travel insurance is important at any age. As you get older good travel insurance is essential. What are your experiences and can we all learn from them?


  • Fynjon

    Posted at 2011-12-11 12:24:04

    I was really interested in this article as I too have found difficulties in getting travel insurance. Each year insurance companies change the goalposts. I had heart by-pass surgery some years ago and for one year the Halifax covered me but the next year refused. In this year nothing had changed and I was perfectly fit again. It has been different insurance companies each year since then, as after one year charges rocketed. I am now covered by my Nat West account but had to pay £80 excess the first year. Last year I had two stents fitted and had to pay a further £35. So come the new year I will be changing my account and searching for reasonable travel insurance, and looking at the sites mentioned. Thank you.

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