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UluruMatt Milstead is one of our readers from Australia. He works for a motel chain called Golden Chain that claims to " have more locations than any other hotel chain in the world". Given that many Silverlinkers are retired and like to travel it seemed to us that getting Matt to write us a short piece on travelling in Australia might wet your appetitie for making the trip. So here  is what he had to say:

Australia - Natures Hidden Treasures

If you the type of person who just loves the outdoors, loves all that mother nature has to offer, or if you are a couple who just wants to enjoy each others company surrounded by the pure calming mountains, gardens, and coastline well then Australia is the country for you.

Australia has always been noted for her beaches, sun, sand and surf, but there is more to Australia then the high adrenaline marketing eye.

The article below will open the door to a different, mor slow paced and serene Australia with all her beautiful, peaceful and mesmerizing places. This virtual journey will show you some of the hidden treasures that and paint Australia in way it has not been presented before. Will show you a glimpse of what’s on offer, where you can go and what you can do to experience Australia the way it has not been experienced by many before, but for the real deal, you are just going to have to go an visit for yourself and create your own lasting memories.

Places You Want to See and Remember Forever:

Western Australia:

Pink Lake, located in Western Australia, a a hidden gem and one of the most spectacular sights that mother nature can offer. What makes it pink? Its a whole underground Eco system. The lake is filled with live lake algae, that feed of the high salt content combined together present this lake with this pink velvet color best seen with the naked eye. To capture the true beauty of this lake, we recommend visiting the lake either at dusk, when the incredible rainbow selections of pink meet with Australia’s wellknown orange and red sunset. For a complete contrast, visit the lake in early dawn, where both the blue sky and the pink lake dance take your breath away. 


South Australia:

Love your wine, then South Australia is a must! Imagine the sunset slowly closing in behind the wine leaves, a cheese plater and your loved one next to you and the scenery resembling the Tuscan country side and you have South Australia, the capital of all the great Australian wines. Make sure to visit the most famous vineyards that Barossa has to offer. With more then 150 wineries awaiting you, the wine tasting is just the beginning of this journey. Apart from the great wine tasting, the cuisine is world class and desert just gets better with Barossa chocolates and other delicacies. Make sure to pay a visit to Browse The Farmers' Market for fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods and endless other treats from locally grown on surrounding farms.

The Norther Territory:

Want a little bit more of a spring in your step, then make sure to visit the cascading waterfalls that Australia's Northern Territory has to offer. Jim Jim Falls well know for its more than 650 feet drop, its a sight for you must experience to believe. Most of these waterfalls create refreshing natural swimming pools at the base where you can take a dip. Remember the movie “The Crocodile Dundee”? Want to visit the iconic waterfall from the set? Only one place to visit then and that is the Gunlom Falls.

The Limestone Coast is an excellent place to check out some natural wonders such as a dormant volcano, a sinkhole and some breathtaking limestone caves. Coorong National Park is the ideal place for birdwatchers, with over 80 species calling it their home. The park is well known for its fishing and boating, and an great spot to do a little four-wheeling driving.

Blue Lake

Another amazing site you won't want to miss is the world famous and one of the Wonders of the World is Uluru, located or Ayers Rock, Northern Territory. This sandstone rock formation is a sight to see any time of day, but sunrise and sunset give it the most amazing color-changing effects. This part of Australia has really developed over the last few years, offering both a simple camp out near Uluru with traditional “tucker” and singalong around the campfire, or a more luxurious 5star premium package. Whichever you choose, bring some warm clothes, it gets chill out there no matter the time of the year and day temperature.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a flower expert, or just the decor that this magical flora brings to your home, or think you have a bit of a green thumb, well then  Toowoomba, is a must for you. Located in Queensland’s Southeast, Toowoomba is known as the Australia’s great Garden City. From a relaxing Japanese garden to the scented beauty that is Laurel Bank Park, it is the perfect place to enjoy the flora and fauna of the area. We recommend visiting in September during the Toowoomba Flower Festival where the true magic of this place allows you to plan romantic picnics, head to the museum or theater for an evening of entertainment.

A More Active Australia:

Whether you enjoy the mountains, the beach, or just having a cup of tea at the local cafe, you can find plenty of activities to keep you entertained during you stay in Australia. For the more outgoing and adventure seekers, Australia offers great horseback riding and mountains hick, but with their unique and never ending panoramic views. Perhaps your inner child likes the fun in the sun, well head to Rockingham Bay and book yourself a swim with the dolphins.

Maybe your the more conservative/classical type, well not to worry, Australia makes sure to cater to all your needs. Music lovers get ready to sit back and enjoy an outdoor concert at Hunter Valley, where some of the biggest names in music perform. Although an alternative way to enjoy music’s beauty, being an outdoor theater, it is not one you’ll forget in a hurry. We recommend this for those couples who’s spirits are kindled by romance, peace and just to good old fashioned music. We suggest packing chairs, or perhaps a blanket where you can stretch out (or cuddle up) on the lawn for have a quiet drink and enjoy the music.

Places to Stay

For the ultimate overnight experience, check out Sydney's Taronga Zoo sleepover. Appropriately named The Roar and Snore, this overnight experience provides guests with up close and personal tours and visits with the animals, a buffet dinner, night time safari, and dessert with tea or coffee. Wake up to a continental breakfast to the sounds of elephants trumpeting and lions roaring, as you prepare for more behind the scenes activities, oh yes, and make sure to bring your camera you’ll want to share this with all your friends and family.

Golden Chain Motels located throughout Australia and are the perfect accommodation for those who just want a good nights sleep. Stay in a beachfront motel, relax on a 10 acre vineyard, or soak in the pool on a mountainside, whatever your accommodation needs, Golden Chain Motels have the perfect accommodations for you.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit the Land Down Under for a memorable experience! 

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