Life Coaching in Later Life

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For many of us, reaching retirement age signals a time to sit back, relax and reap the rewards of a hard working career. These are the years to rediscover your passions outside of work, watch your family grow and enjoy a few well-earned getaways across the globe. For some of us however, the reality of the situation is much different.

You may feel at a loss without a daily routine, losing your sense of purpose. You may not have the funds to enjoy a Mediterranean cruise, or you may simply be afraid of what the next stage of your life has in store. Coming to terms with your twilight years happens to us all at some point, and when that happens it is easy to feel de-motivated and anxious. This needn't be the case however.

In fact, this period of your life should be one of the most exciting. Leaving your mid-life years behind you and entering retirement age is always going to be catalyst for change; it is how you deal with this change and cope with the emotions it uncovers that will define your later life.

For some people, the very thought of creating a 'later life plan' or a list of goals is terrifying. How do you know where to start? Is it too late to change your life? And how on earth are you supposed to put these goals and aspirations into practise? At this point, you may want to consider speaking to someone who specialises in this area - like a life coach.

A life coach is an individual who looks to help others reach their goals and find purpose in order to feel more positive and fulfilled. Using specialist techniques based on psychological principles and intuition, a life coach can offer you the tools you need to face emotional barriers, helping you view later life in a new light.

There are many different tactics used by life coaches and to find the one who will be most suited to you and your personality, you'll need to find out a little more about them. On the Life Coach Directory, only those who meet a strict proof policy are listed to ensure members are qualified. As well as their contact information you'll find an in-depth profile where member's talk about themselves and the way they work, as well as listing their qualifications and specialist areas.

Not only that, but the directory has a wealth of information relating to life coaching - from useful fact-sheets and FAQs, to articles written by life coaches and upcoming local events. Find out more about the world of life coaching and what it could offer you by visiting Life Coach Directory today.

George Broadbent

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