Abuse online

mgyrk5YIt has been an interesting few weeks with the very controversial issues of the reduction in pensioners allowances, petrol, pasties 50p tax reduction for the rich, George Galloway winning Bradford with a huge swing. Whilst I will find a place on the site to comment on some of these things I want to explain how concerned I am getting at the constant degradation of the social norms which govern the way we behave. I was staggered and horrified to read of those people who filmed and photographed the decapitated body of a woman that was hit by a 40 ton lorry last week. These extremely sick people posted the photos on Twitter. These so called Twitter Trolls are getting beyond. People like Little Britain star Matt Lucas, the English footballer Micah Richards and of course Fabrice Muamba have all been abused online through their Twitter accounts. Having said that I am not sure that the sentence of 56 days passed on Liam Stacey for the abuse of Muamba was justified although clearly significant punishment was in order.

Silverlinksnetwork has a Twitter account which I am hoping to use as one of the means of promoting the site. I find truly amazing the shear variety of Tweets that come your way. I did take note of one this week that did say that most Tweets are quite serious and that it is no fun any more. Being a recent starter I am not sure about that but will soon make my mind up. It is however, the shear abuse that goes on that is the real worry.

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