American Obsession? - Graeme Harvey

american flagWhy is it that the media seem to be obsessed with what is happening in the USA and broadcasting it ad nauseum to us through both news items and documentaries etc. Tonight a classic example by Panorama on BBC about poverty and homelessness in the USA. Tent cities being erected on the outskirts of major conurbations. We have enough homeless people of our own. The reporter involved patently had no understanding of the american way of life or their ethos and the questions being asked of officials were obviously based on Welfare State thinking prevalent in the UK.
Why do we have to have so much coverage of the US elections, for Gods sake they are only deciding who is going to stand for each party. Do we really care? I dont think so. Even when they have decided how does it affect us here in the UK? We have no control over the American voter and just have to put up with whatever rich puppet has managed to buy his/her way into the White House.
In reality they do not care about us, most do not even know who or where we are. The greatest benefit to the world that they have given us so far is that only 10% of them have passports.
Why oh why do we have to suffer continuous news coverage of what is happening there, when we have so much more of interest in both our own island and our Commonwealth friends?

Written by Silverlinker Graeme Harvey

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