MPs Pay

parliamentThe Independant Paliamentary Standards Authority has given its preliminary finding of the review of MPs pay and it has been met with derision from the public at large and, to be fair, all three party leaders. It is understandable that Parliamet decided that they would establish indepent arrangents for the review of pay rather than continue allowing MPs to vote on their own package. Most of us would agree with the principle but we have poured scorn on the results. There are those that will say that we can't have it both ways. However, it is not unreasonable for us to expect that in making their recommendations the Authority should be cognaiscent of the context in which pay has to sit. Clearly they have completely ignored the pay contraints currently operating right across the UK.

MPs pay is not excessive for the job we expect then to do and the responsibilities they hold both locally and nationally. These responsibilites are considerable and many carry out their duties with diligence and integrity. The trouble is that the public perception is that a great number do not. It is therefore a difficult pill to swallow when they have shown themselves all too ready to jump on the gravy train over expenses. It is curious to note that amongst the preliminary findings of the IPSA is a "lightening" of the expenses rules something which will make the public very uneasy. 

If we ccept that MPs pay is too low then the uplift should be incremental over 5 years and not achieved in one big hit. IPSA has a responsibility to the wider public and it is time they thought again of how they can inplement their findings but in a more acceptable way in the eyes of the public. In return for higher levels of pay the public also have a right to expect greater standards in the use of public funds not lower.

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