Hospital Care

health monitoringThe news this week that a young man ( 22) with a previous life of activity and fitness died in hospital through thirst, is on the face of it quite distressing. Allegedly, his calls for water were ignored and yet his medical procedure made it essential that he was hydrated. It is the subject of further investigation and we may know the truth of it soon. The complaint will be one of negligence on he part of the nursing and medical staff no doubt and it makes me shiver to think that it might be true. The allegation is that he was the victim of a lazy and careless staff. No doubt, like me you are getting increasingly concerned about the adverse reports coming from hospitals about the poor treatment handed out to patients. Having received the most excellent treatment whilst in NHS care I do know that it would be wrong to generalise. However, I am pleased that more is being made of those incidents that do occur. It was also to note that in the same week came a report of someone inventing a very simple device consisting of a water bottle with drinking tube strapped to the bed for the patient to use. A possible solution to the problem perhaps.t

Those of you that have been in a position of influence in a large organisation may have had the benefit of working under a culture of excellence. Dedicated attention to excellence and, by implication, intolerance of anything short of those standards brings with it greater job satisfaction. It is not easy to deliver overnight but if management is uncompromising whilst leading from the front with skill and understanding, excellence is an achievable goal. During the development phase significant improvements can be effected from the very start. What more important place can there be for excellence than in our hospitals and whatever the truth in the current story there is ample evidence to to make us all sure that not every hospital is giving an acceptable service even if the culture is one of mediocrity. The time has come for us all to take an interest and and give publicity to the examples you may have where the NHS service has been poor. This is a good place to start but don't ignore those instances when you have been the beneficiary of
excellence. Write about those as well. Indeed, in the past, I have followed up my experiences with a personal letter to the CEO of the relevant NHS Trust and I feel sure that it was appreciated and perhaps added a little bit of additional resolve to continue the pursuit of the highest standards. Health care is one of the most important issues in maintaining a quality of life for all of us and yet most people seem remarkably unwilling to get involved in the debate. So why not join in create some debate here for those things that you feel are important to discuss and perhaps even change.

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