Nelson Mandela's Favourite Food

nelson-mandelaI was reading this week that Nelson Mandela likes nothing better than sitting down to a plate of oxtail stew.It is called umsila wenkomo. I have recently been interested in the number of times top chefs are recommending cheap cuts of meat as having wonderful flavours, provided thy are cooked correctly. So, undeterred I bought some ox cheeks at Waitrose and braised them in a slow cooker for about 8 hours. They were delicious and I will do them again. However, I have not eaten oxtail so here is the recipe that I am going to try. If any of you beat me to it let me know what it was like. I have another recipe for the same type of dish which also looks good. I must try them both.

3kg oxtail

1 tsp paprika

1tbsp barbeque sauce

5 carrots sliced

4 potatoes quartered

250g green beans sliced

60g oxtail soup powder

  1. put oxtail in pan and and water to cover
  2. bring to boil , reduce heat and cook until water has evaporated and meat browns in its own fat
  3. Add paprika and sauce with water to cover the oxtail
  4. Cover and cook over low heat until tender ( about 2 hours). Keep covered with water 
  5. Add all other ingredients and cook until soft.

This seems to be great recipe for my trust old slow cooker and I would cook it in that for a lot longer than the two hours. I wonder if this is the source of his charisma !!!

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