sln logo 4 useSilverlinksnetwork is a site set up primarily for the silver surfer but not exclusively. Retired people form a large and potentially influential group in society and yet older people have little say. This site gives you the opportunity to have your say through a blog on Soapbox and if there is enough of us with the same view then maybe we can have an influence on change.

42% of the population are over 45 and that proportion is increasing each year.. Furthermore we were staggered to learn that there are now more people of pensionable age in this country than there are under 16’s. Despite an ageing population a person’s chronological age has never meant less. Today’s middle age and beyond are most often; up to date, modern in outlook, enriched with life’s experience and youthful in their attitude and aspirations.

We are an information hungry section of the population now connected through the Internet. Although it is possible to find items of interest to experienced people. there are few dedicated sites catering specifically for this group giving them a voice and helping them to exchange their many ideas and experiences. An acquaintance of ours said the other day “ I have plenty to say but there are too few people listening” We are a group with the experience, often with the time and some with the money, to make a difference and to share worthwhile ideas and tips. Some of us will fall into the silver surfers group of interent users. The Sunday press recently reported that people are leaving the big players like Facebook in preference to networking sites that suit their particular needs. Silverlinksnetwork seeks to do just that.

The baby boomers of post war Britain right up to the end of the 1960’s often share similar views and beliefs honed through years of life experience. We are an articulate group who wish to be heard and share knowledge. We also wish to have influence and, perhaps, to change aspects of life in our country and communities, which as individuals, it is difficult to do. We know the power of a united and articulate expression of views that is now easily possible with new technology

Silverlinks Network had been created to do just that. It is work in progress and will always be so, evolving through the many contributions that will come its way. In these early days it is largely a blank canvas so you are encouraged to get involved, contribute and help us develop. Help indentify the topics that you feel most strongly about and over which you would like to have some influence. Please click the Join Us button on the home page. We will not inudate you with e.mails but it will help us to be able to demonstrate the strength of views that we express.

This site is for men and women with experience to share and views to air. We have deliberately not constrained it by age but life experience is certainly necessary. In discussing with women how best to cater for their needs, most have said “just remember that, in the main, the issues that concern men equally concern women”

We hope you will find things of interest to your everyday life but please feel free to contribute through the comment facility. This site will develop without party political bias although it will give the opportunity to comment on current affairs and national policy. You are welcome to use the contact e.mail or the comments to help shape how this develops and to influence the topics that are featured. If you wish to submit an article then please follow the site links.

Please pass on the link to your friends and family and help us all to link up.


  • DBoosey

    Posted at 2012-01-18 19:14:47

    Congratulations on this excellent website.
    I live in San Diego, California, and I will send the website link to all
    my connections around the world.Maybe your website will become
    an International Site linking the silver haired and no hair,
    perhaps the most influential and powerful group in the world.
    Derek Boosey

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  • Fido

    Posted at 2011-12-03 05:55:21

    Congratulations on getting this far! Will follow with interest and do my bit to encourage others to join.

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  • Wenjoy

    Posted at 2011-11-29 07:15:49

    What an excellent idea - good luck - lets get our "wiser" generation talking !!

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  • ron turner

    Posted at 2011-11-14 09:47:57

    good luck

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  • elizabeth

    Posted at 2011-11-14 08:37:06

    Good luck with the site

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